How is the cremation performed?

At Elysium pet cremation in Melbourne our animals are part of our family, so we understand the importance of providing a professional, respectful and dignified service.

All cremations are done individually and conducted in a EPA approved unit using the latest technology, compliant with the latest Australian standards and at all stages with the highest moral and ethical standards.

How long does a cremation take to complete?

Cremations are completed within several hours.

Ashes are returned to families within 7 days.

How do you ensure we receive the correct ashes?

Careful consideration and attention to detail coupled with proven identification procedures and processes which are reviewed and checked at every stage in handling of your pet guarantees you receive only the correct ashes either in a standard receptacle or your chosen urn, memorial product or scatter tin.

What if we have pets other than dogs or cats?

That's completely fine. Elysium cremations take care of all our family pets. Dogs, cats, lizards, guinea pigs, mice, birds, rats, snakes and fish. All pets are important and each one is treated with utmost respect and care. Elysium offers special rates for clients with smaller pets.

What is the cost?

Cost of cremation is dependant on several factors. The size/weight of your pet, options or urns chosen. We offer several options/packages with a range of handcrafted quality timber memorial boxes. There are no hidden costs at Elysium each pet is collected from either your home or vet(at no extra charge for either) by Julie, the cremation is performed and managed by Julie, and your pets ashes returned personally to you by Julie.

Payments can be made via eftpos, bank deposit or directly to your vet.

What if we are outside metro areas?

Elysium will arrange the collection of your family member from home or vets at your convenience. We cover all areas metro and rural and contactable at anytime to cover emergencies or planned euthensaia apointments.

Can I be present for my pets cremation?

By appointment, yes we can.


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