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Pocket Pets....We dont forget these little guys

We so commonly hear about pet cremations which are aimed at cats and dogs. But what about smaller pets or pocket pets as they are often referred to. Pocket pets are described as the smaller of the pet world, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, lizards. These precious little guys may be small, but they are great for people living in smaller dwellings or without a yard and are deserving of the same love and compassion given to their larger counterparts.  We often feel our pocket pet families are h...

November 12, 2018

Goodbye ruby

She was beautiful. She was amazing. She was eleven. And weloved her It wasn’t always like that. Most people imagine their newgolden retriever pup as the most beautiful set of paws to grace their home, aplayful, barking barrel of happiness and joy. Not for ruby. She arrived in the back of a panel van, in acarpark, at the back of Officeworks. She was scared, alone and afraid of almosteverything. This 6 month Old pup was possibly the worst looking golden I had laid eyes on. Her eyes were sad, her...

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